Character Creation

This page contains the rules for creating a character in a Kingdoms of Kamune campaign.

Ability Scores

Characters have 20 points to spend with the point buy system detailed at


The home-brewed races listed below are the principal races found in the city of Ár-Baile.

  • Keyéll (kay-YELL): This subrace of elves is the dominant culture in Ár-Baile, where the campaign begins. They are tribalistic and egalitarian and have a strong heroic tradition. Ár-Baile is uncommon among Keyéll communities in that it represents the combined efforts of three principal tribes.
  • Fírrinaù (FIH-rih-NOW): Also called the Faithful or Half-pure, the Fírrinaù maintain a strong reverence for nature and for the Glé. They are strongly matriarchal, are frequently druids or rangers by trade, and serve the Keyéll as a priestly chaste but maintain their own distinct community within the Motherwood rather than live in Ár-Baile. Out of deference to the Glé in particular and the fey in general, Fírrinaù disdain the use of iron weapons, tools, and armor; a Fírrinaù who violates this stricture is considered Keyéll and cast out of Fírrinaù society.
  • Olryth: The Olryth are an expatriate people from the sacred kingdom of Alsha, which is said to be far to the south. The Olryth are a large and powerful people with a strong affinity for earth-based magic. The Olryth maintain an independent district adjacent to the Ár-Baile city proper, but have strong ties with their host city. Younger members of of Olryth society are becoming increasingly accepting of Keyéll ways and culture, which is a cause for concern among many of the Olryth leaders.

The additional home-brewed races listed below are not the major players in Ár-Baile, but they are common in the region.

  • Fròan (FROH-ahn): The Fròan are an elven subrace that lives primarily in the mountains east of Ár-Baile. They are as renown for their craftsmanship as for their endless war with the goblin kingdoms located further east.
  • Lokak: The Lokak are a race of dwarves who fled the Deephome generations ago as it was overrun by demons. The Lokak have a long tradition magical aptitude and have joined the Fròan as allies in their war with the goblins in exchange for the hospitality the Fròan showed them in the time of the Exodus.
  • Kamite: The Kamites are the principal power in the Empire to the west that bears their name. They are uncommon in the Ár-Baile region, but are courting the leadership of Ár-Baile in the hope that the city will join their Empire.
  • Alshayan: Alshayans are rare so far from Alshay Falls, but Ár-Baile has become an important waypoint for Alshayans interested in studying with the Lokak and vice-versa.
  • Gerran: Geographically, the city of Garreth is the nearest major holding of the Kamite Empire to Ár-Baile so it is common for Gerrans to accompany Imperial envoys to Ár-Baile, but the Gerrans also maintain strong trade relationships with the Keyéll and the Fròan.

In addition to the races listed above, the following races from the SRD are also available for play.

Other races may also be permissible with DM approval.


Any of the core classes or base classes detailed in the SRD are permissable for play. Archetypes of these classes are also permissible with DM approval.


All characters gain an additional 2 skill points per hit die regardless of their class.


Alignments are built on deeds, not platitudes. Players may choose an alignment for their character, but this is a starting point only. The DM will track each character’s alignment secretly based on the character’s actions during play. See the House Rules page for more details.

Character Creation

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