House Rules

For the most part, we will be using the core Pathfinder rules as written in the SRD. The exceptions are noted below.


This campaign will use the “Slow” experience progression.


This campaign will use the Downtime rules.


For this campaign, we will be experimenting with the following rules for haggling:

A character trainied in both Appraise and Diplomacy gains a Haggle score equal to that character’s Charisma modifier plus 1 for every two skill ranks he or she has in Diplomacy. When buying or selling equipment, goods, and services, the character can adjust the sale price by his or her haggle score as a percentage of the item’s base value. For example, a Byron the Beautiful has a Charisma modifier of 2 and 6 ranks in Diplomacy, making his Haggle score 5. Byron could therefore purchase a suit of full plate armor for 1425 gp (base price of 1500 – [haggle score x 0.01 x base price of 1500]), and he could sell his used breastplate for 110 gp (sale price of 100 + [haggle score x 0.01 x base price of 200]).
NPC merchants will have their own Haggle scores, and prices in their shops will be adjusted accortingly—after all, no one who is serious about making their living as a merchant will forgo at least minimal training in appraise and diplomacy. For example, Byron the Beautiful buys his full plate from Fredrick the Frugal, who has a Haggle score of 8; in this scenario Byron pays 1,545 for his full plate (base price of 1500 + Fredrick’s Haggle markup [0.08 × 1500 = 120] – Byron’s Haggle discount [0.05 × 1500]).

Haggling may not apply to certain transactions at the DM’s discretion.

Trust me, I’m not crazy. This is why we have spreadsheets.


As noted on the Character Creation page, the alignment you choose for a character is only a starting point. After we begin play, I will track your real alignment secretly. Characters of any class that need to maintain a certain alignment need to be careful, but Divine casters in particular should consider themselves warned: as your alignment wanders, you may find that there are powers in the world willing to pick up the slack in the interest of leading you further from the path you thought you were following.

Item Creation

Creating magic items will be revised to function more like the Craft skill. The particulars are still in the works, but here are the main points.

  1. Skill checks will be required at the end of each day of crafting rather than simply making one check at the end of the process.
  2. High Skill checks relative to the crafting DC may decrease the amount of time it actually takes to create the item.
  3. Failing to meet the DC on a given check does not necessarily ruin the item, but may increase the time it takes to create the item or introduce minor quirks or flaws to the finished project.

Additionally, the magic item creation feets will be modified such that caster level is no longer a prerequisite. Instead, taking these feats will require the character to have an equivalent number of ranks in Spellcraft, or an appropriate Craft skill.

Finally, mending, masterwork transformation, make whole, and fabricate are likely to get nerfed hard, but not so hard that they wont be useful.

House Rules

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