An ordered list of the most important languages in the Ár-Baile area follows:

  1. Keyéll
  2. Olryth
  3. Orc
  4. Gnoll

Other important languages common in areas near Ár-Baile include those listed below:

  • Alshayan
  • Fròan
  • Gerran
  • Giant
  • Goblin
  • Kamite
  • Lokak

The languages listed below are not particularly common, but have a particular cultural or magical significance to the peoples of the area:

  • Abyssal—Before the Exodus, Lokak spellcasters developed an unhealthy fascination with the Abyss and its denizens. While they officially denounce such practices now, the Abyssal tongue is deeply ingrained in their literature and cultural heritage.
  • Celestial—Kamite worship revolves around the Sun-God Kam and His growing army of Angels and Deified Heroes who await the last battle against evil at the end of the world. Kam’s priesthood commonly offer prayers in Celestial, and the tongue is frequently studied by the laity as a religious devotion.
  • Draconic—Legend holds that that it was Sky-Father, the greatest of the dragon gods, who taught the secrets of magic to Earth-Mother’s children. To this day many magical practitioners work in the Draconic tongue, particularly when working with elemental magics.
  • Eilar—Eilar was the language of the ancient sorcerer-kings who ruled much of what is now the Kamite Empire and the lands near Ár-Baile. The Eilar destroyed themselves in a catclysmic civil war millenia ago, but many of the magics and monsterous creatures they used are still causing trouble for the peoples who live in the area.
  • Infernal—Goblin spellcasters, particularly divine casters who serve Ulgidro, frequently form pacts with Infernal powers.
  • Sylvan—Of particular significance to the Fírrinaù, Sylvan is the language spoken by the Glé and other fairy creatures great and small.
  • Terran—Olryth tradition holds that their ancient ancestors lived in harmony and intermarried with mighty shaitan princes and other earth spirits, and Olryth religious leaders still consult with such beings from time to time.


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